SELF STORAGE INSURANCE - Why you should insure.

Self Storage Insurance

Is your gear worth the cost of Self Storage Insurance?

At Gold Coast Storage Co we recommend Self Storage Insurance to all of our patrons however we find it surprising how many of our clients opt not to insure their goods whilst in storage.

Understandably it is an additional cost however it is usually not the cost our clients are concerned about, it is more that our patrons are comfortable with the security offered at Gold Coast Storage Co.

The reason most people insure their goods at a self storage facility is due to: fire, smoke, cyclones, earthquakes, roof leaks, burglary, rodent damage etc.

Below are some considerations our patrons make when storing with us:

A. Shipping containers are simply the strongest boxes on the planet.

B. They are constructed of the highest quality corten steel and are vermin, dust proof and resistant to severe fire and weather conditions.

C. As members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia patrons must complete a Storage agreement and in signing the agreement they acknowledge they are prohibited to store flammable or hazardous goods.

D. Furthermore Shipping containers are designed to travel the high seas for many years and as our containers are all new or "one - trippers" and have not travelled the world hence our containers have not been exposed to moisture in the floors.

E. Our containers are in pristine condition and kept that way by management. You can read more about containers HERE.

F. The chances of an earthquake or cyclone occurring on the Gold Coast is minimal and shipping containers are extremely durable and can withstand winds of over 160 klms per hour and that is when they are empty! Weighing in at 2.5 ton empty it would have to be one humungous cyclone to move a container full of gear at Gold Coast Storage Co.

G. Our containers are elevated off the ground on concrete container blocks not only for ventilation but for any water drainage.

H. The Gold Coast has endured some rather dangerous weather and particularly recently in May 2015 and also June 2016 with extreme rain fall and severe winds. GCSC has withstood these storms without a hitch.

I. Our location in Hillcrest Parade, Miami is located in a quiet residential area. We have lovely neighbours on the opposite side of our street. Apart from having all of the latest high-tech security at our facility, a residential area can be added security.

J. Then there is the matter of being captured on CCTV!

It’s rather logical to consider that a would be thief could seek something a lot easier to break into than a container at our facility.

In saying all of that if your goods are worth storing they are worth insuring and we strongly recommend Self Storage Insurance!

It is not expensive and as anything in this world can happen regardless of how secure our container self storage facility is and how robust shipping containers are, Storage Insurance will provide added peace of mind in the event of an extreme unforeseen event occurring.  

If you currently have a household insurance policy you may be able to extend your contents insurance so you are covered whilst in Storage, therefore it is worth checking with your insurance company first.